Raising the Barre
Avant Dance
Avant Competition Company
Awards- 2017
Coastal Bend: March, 2017
Lyndsey Melrose-2nd Place
Anthony Quintanilla-1st Place
Lexi Rendon- 5th Place
MA:  February, 2017
Lyndsey Melrose-1st Place
Anthony Quintanilla-1st Place
JUMP: January, 2107
Anthony Quintanilla: Mini VIP Runner-up
Julianna Perez:  Mini VIP Runner-up
Sarah Bratby: Junior VIP
Allison Whitley:  Junior VIP
Horus Hudgins:  Jazz Scholarship
Olivia Morales:  Tap Scholarship
Breanna Willeford:  Ballet Scholarship 
Awards- 2016
NYCDA: November,2016
Allison Whitley:  Junior Runner Up
Sarah Bratby: Junior Runner Up
Jordan Taylor:  Tap Scholarship
Allison Whitley:  Friday Night Scholarship
NUVO: March 11-13, 2016
Allison Whitley: Mini Breakout Artist
Sarah Bratby: Junior Breakout Artist Runner Up
Isaac Adams: Senior Breakout Artist Runner Up
Anthony Quintanilla: Stacy Tookey's Die Hard Dancer
Jordan Taylor: Kim McSwain's Die Hard Dancer
Nicole Leeton: Jazz Stand Out
Haley Nelson: Jazz Stand Out
Olivia Morales:  Jazz Stand Out
Julianna Perez:  Jazz Stand Out
Lillie Stockseth:  Tap Stand Out

NUVO Awards:
1st Place Mini Duo/Trios:  Julianna Perez & Arden Rolf
2nd Place Mini Solos: Allison Whitley
3rd Place Senior Duo/Trios: Taylor Green, Nicole Leeton, Haley Nelson
7th Place Junior Solos:  Sarah Bratby
9th Place Junior Solos:  Lyndsey Melrose
9th Place Senior Solos:  Taylor Green, Nicole Leeton, Haley Nelson (3-way tie score)

JUMP Awards:
Mini VIP Winner:  Allison Whitley 
1st Place Senior Solos:  Taylor Green
3rd Place Mini Solos:  Allison Whitley 
10th Place Junior Solos:  Sarah Bratby
Class Scholarship:  Taylor Green

4th Place Junior Duo/Trios:  Allison Whitley, Lyndsey Melrose, Olivia Morales
5th Place Senior Solos:  Taylor Green
Teen Scholarship Winner:  Ninfa Gonzalez

MA Competition: March 5, 2016
1st Place Mini Solos:  Allison Whitley
2nd Place Mini Solos:  Julianna Perez
4th Place Mini Solos:  Arden Rolf
5th Place Mini Solos:  Breanna Willeford
1st Place Youth Solos:  Lyndsey Melrose
2nd Place Youth Solos:  Sarah Bratby
4th Place Youth Solos:  Krista Ramirez
1st Place 15-16 yr. Solos:  Nicole Leeton
2nd Place 15-16 yr. Solos:  Haley Nelson
1st Place 17-18 yr. Solos:  Taylor Green
2nd Place 17-18 yr. Solos:  Sabrina Sanchez
1st Place Open Solos:  Aaron Garcia
1st Place Senior Duos:  Isla Gonyer & Sabrina Sanchez
1st Place Senior Trios:  Haley Nelson, Taylor Green, Nicole Leeton
Pay Bill
2016 Showstopper Awards

All Avant Dance Entries were in Competitive Division

Allison Whitley:  1st Place Overall Crystal Regionals
        1st Place Overall, Crystal, Finals
Nicole Leeton:  3rd Place Overall Crystal Finals
Taylor Green: 1st Place Crystal in Category,
         Overall 4th Place Senior Soloist Finals
Isaac Adams:  7th Place Overall Crystal Regionals
        Overall 5th Place Senior Soloist Finals
Haley Nelson:  4th Place Overall Crystal Finals
Ninfa Gonzalez:  2nd Place Overall Crystal Finals
Anthony Quintanilla:  1st Place in Category Regionals,
        Overall 5th Place Petite Soloist Regionals, 10th Finals
Lyndsey Melrose:  9th Place Overall Junior Soloist Regionals,
             11th Overall Teen Finals
Sarah Bratby:  4th Place Overall Finals
Lexi Rendon:  6th Place Overall Finals
Lillie Stockseth:  8th Place Overall Finals         
Julianna Perez:  Mini Contemporary, 1st Place in Category Regionals
Sabrina Sanchez:  9th Place Overall Finals

TKO: 1st Place Overall Crystal Finals
          Junior Duo/Trio, Olivia Morales, Allison Whitley, Lyndsey
           Melrose, Choreography by Jenny Espino
To Have a Good Time:  1st Place Overall Crystal Finals
           Senior Trio, Nicole Leeton, Haley Nelson, Taylor Green
           Choreography by Jenny Espino
 Pity Party:  4th Place Overall Finals, Junior Duo/Trio,
           Julianna Perez & Arden Rolf
           Choreography by Jenny Espino
 Manhattan: 9th Place Overall Finals,Senior Duo/Trio,
            Isla Gonyer & Sabrina Sanchez
                                        Choreography by Quentin Arispe
 Breaking Illusions:  4th Place Overall, Crystal Finals
            Junior Small Group-Ballet
        Choreography by Abby Hudgins
Clockwork: 5th Place Overall, Crystal Finals
            Junior Small Group-Contemporary
        Choreography by Cynthia Coker
Fiction:  1st Place Overall Finals
            Teen Large Group Contemporary
        Choreography by Arielle Elonys
Oakland:  2nd Place Overall Finals
             Senior Large Group Contemporary 
        Choreography by Jenny Espino
Bombs: 4th Place Overall Finals,
            Senior Large Group Hip-Hop
        Choreography by Jenny Espino
361:  6th Place Overall Finals,Teen Super Group Hip-Hop
New York: 9th Place Overall Finals Senior Small Group Jazz
        Choreography by Halle Hamilton &
        Andrew DeLuna                                 
Breakfast Club: 8th Place Overall Finals, Mini Large Group Hip-Hop
        Choreography by Jenny Espino

2016 Celebration Regional Awards

At the Celebration Regional Competion-All entries in Shing Star

1st Place Overall Junior Solo: Allison Whitley
2nd Place Overall Junior Solo:  Lyndsey Melrose
3rd Place Overall Junior Solo:  Sarah Bratby
1st Place Overall Junior Trio:  TKO:
        Olivia Morales, Lyndsey Melrose, Allison Whitley
1st Place Overall Junior Small Groups: Breaking Illusions,
        Choreography by Abigail Hudgins
1st Place Overall Junior Large Groups: Breakfast Club,
        Choreography by Jenny Espino
12 & Under Superstar Award:  Allison Whitley
Outstanding Junior Dancer:  Allison Whitley
Choreography Award:  Breaking Illusions, Abigail Hudgins
Showstopper Award:  Smile, Jen Whitley
Judges' Choice Award:  Clockwork, Cynthia Coker
Dancer of the Year Finalist:  Lyndsey Melrose, Sarah Bratby
Photogenic Award:  Julianna Perez
1st Place Overall Senior Solo:  Haley Nelson (Diamond)
2nd Place Overall Senior Solo: Nicole leeton
3rd Place Overall Senior Solo:  Taylor Green
4th Place Overall Senior Solo:  Isaac Adams
5th Place Overall Senior Solo:  Quentin Arispe
1st Place Overall Teen Solo:  Isla Gonyer
1st Place Overall Teen Duo:  Manhattan,
        Isla Gonyer, Sabrina Sanchez,
        Choreography: Quentin Arispe
1st Place Overall Senior Trio:  To Have a Good Time
        Haley Nelson, Nicole Leeton, Taylor Green
        Choreography:  Jenny Espino
1st Place Overall Senior Small Group:  New York
        Choreography:  Halle Hamilton, Andrew DeLuna
1st Place Overall Large Groups:  Fiction
        Choreography:  Arielle Elonys
13 & up Super Star Award:  Haley Nelson
Dancer of the Year Finalists:  Haley Nelson, Taylor Green
Outstanding Senior Dancer:  Nicole Leeton
Choreography Award:  To Have a Good Time
        Jenny Espino
Showstopper Award:  Manhattan
        Quentin Arispe
Judges' Choice Award: You, Quentin Arispe
Contemporary Shing Star Senior Soloist:  Isaac Adams


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